The Dalai Lamas Cat

The Dalai Lama's Cat
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The story is adorably told from her feline perspective as she observes the monks, his holiness, the famous people who visit him and other colorful people in the village. This book is an incredible and easy dive into Buddhist wisdom.

Book Review – The Dalai Lama’s Cat

And it shares a lot of messages that I think can help us to cultivate peace within ourselves and in our world. And while I was reading on Sunday, I had a huge a-ha. Oh My! Let me explain this from a feline perspective.

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Featuring a delightful cast of characters and timeless Buddhist wisdom, and with His Holiness' compassion pervading every chapter, The Dalai Lama's Cat is simply enchanting. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. A book that would tell my own tale. An entertaining way to learn about meditation This story is excellent, the visuals and other descriptions are effortlessly included within a story that has 3-D characters. The Dalai Lama's cat is back - older, a bit wiser and as curious as ever. This book was sent to me by the publisher.

There is a longer answer in the book, but to sum up, the Dalai Lama says this. It is — what do you say?

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I began to think that perhaps the time had come for me to turn my paws to a book of my own. How I was rescued from a fate too grisly to contemplate, to become constant companion to a man who is not only one of the world's greatest spiritual leaders and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, but who is also a dab hand with the can opener.

In her exotic new home, the Dalai Lama's cat encounters Hollywood stars, Buddhist masters, Ivy-league professors, famous philanthropists, and a host of other people who come visiting His Holiness. Each encounter offers a fresh insight into finding happiness and meaning in the midst of a life of busy-ness and challenge. Drawing us into her world with her adorable but all-too-flawed personality, the Dalai Lama's cat discovers how instead of trying to change the world, changing the way we experience the world is the key to true contentment. Featuring a delightful cast of characters, timeless Buddhist wisdom, and His Holiness's compassion pervading every chapter, The Dalai Lama's Cat is simply enchanting.

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