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The hallucinatory words appear most frequently when Camille is distraught, and in her frenetic drive through the town several appear in her eyeline. Episode five begins with Camille dreaming about her frenzied search for Amma. Words are visible on her skin throughout the scene in the clothing store, but there are a few distinct close-up shots the emphasize the obvious pattern in the way Sharp Objects uses its words: The words hidden throughout the show are the words Camille scars onto herself.

Again, there are multiple shots of Camille in the dressing room, and the words written all over her body are visible throughout. All of the words are labels, all of them make up a web of self-identification, external limitations, social constraints, and fears. What follows is one of my favorite hidden-word sprees the mini-series has done so far. In the aftermath of the cheerleader reunion, Camille and Becca pull up to a liquor store. The words return as Camille and Amma get high and roller-skate through Wind Gap.

As we get more and more examples of the way Sharp Objects deploys hidden words, patterns begin to emerge. The words are labels and accusations and assessments, and a lot of that comes from Adora. Even more, though, the words come from the claustrophobic, intrusive pressure of Wind Gap. I went back and looked at this word several times, because it only appears for a moment. When Camille and John lie in bed together in the hotel, we get the clearest images of the words she has scarred onto her own body.

The easiest hidden word to spot from episode seven. After eight episodes of words strewn throughout Sharp Objects , you might come away with a sense of them as sneaky, or even a bit defiant.

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Or, in the case of a show like Mr. Robot , an unreliable narrator, which means everything is destabilized. But the hidden words of Sharp Objects are a masterful way to negotiate between different perspectives, both subtler and more effective. Amma killed Ann and Natalie after Adora grew close to them , jealously guarding her relationship with her mother.

At this dinner, Mae talks about wanting to be a writer like Camille, and then Camille sees these words printed all over her hands. Amma sees Camille looking at Mae intently, and that attention is enough to doom her. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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Rudolph gets Pittsburgh into the end zone with some big third-down plays -- a scramble for a conversion, then a touchdown on a throw where Seattle had a screen totally snuffed out, but Rudolph didn't panic, scrambled to keep the play alive, then sidearmed a pass to Vance McDonald through traffic, letting McDonald ramble for the score. Hill gets an interception on the two-point conversion so Seattle still leads, but score is now.

We have a DPI reversal in Pittsburgh! Wilson lobs a pass to Lockett in double-coverage and there's all sorts of contact, but it's ruled incomplete. Bud Dupree also got away with a helmet shot on Wilson on the play. Seahawks are about to run on third-and, but decide to challenge the play instead, Carroll's third time challenging DPI in two games It's a big gain for Seattle.

Chase out… the Battle of Naseby… pigs bladders… and the to Liverpool Street

Then Wilson finds Metcalf on the go route down the left sideline, and Metcalf bobbles the ball in the end zone, but reels it in for the score. Seahawks now up with less than nine minutes to go. Carl Yedor: After some initial jitters settling in, Mason Rudolph has looked pretty competent replacing Roethlisberger.

palmfortuver.tk Given how Rudolph has been playing today as well as Andy Dalton last week especially contrasted against Dalton's performance against the 49ers , the Seattle defense that we thought would be iffy has been just that. Seattle forces a punt after getting some pressure on Rudolph, but the concern about the Seattle defense has certainly been justified. And then Seattle fumbles on its first play of the ensuing drive, giving the Steelers the ball inside the Seattle five-yard line, pending review.

Somewhat surprising given that it came from Carroll but I think it was mathematically sound , but Seattle has third-and-long just on the Pittsburgh side of the field. Wilson scrambles and comes up just short, bringing up fourth-and-1 from the outer edge of Jason Myers' field goal range right at the two-minute warning. Rather than being conservative and taking the field goal attempt, Seattle goes for it with a Chris Carson handoff up the middle, which he converts.

Seattle then kneels out the clock and the Seahawks eke out a win. Vince Verhei: Seahawks have a fourth-and-1 at the Pittsburgh 32 at the two-minute warning. They turn down the ish-yard field goal try and give it to Carson, who powers forward for the conversion to end the game. I'll run the numbers later when I have more time, but every time the Seahawks had the ball and a one-score lead in the second half, they went pass-wacky.

Might be a one-game fluke. Might be a sign that they're ready to lead on their big-money quarterback. Seahawks have played like hot rotten garbage for big stretches of two games in a row now, and they have still won both games. A good sign, assuming they eventually stop playing like hot rotten garbage. As for the Steelers, they're now , and Roethlisberger has yet to throw a touchdown and he may be hurt.

Not good. Vince Verhei: If I'm counting things right, counting plays that were wiped out by penalties, the Seahawks had the following plays with the lead in the second half:. Scott Spratt: Dak Prescott intercepted on a deflected pass. I think it would be really helpful if we could split normal interceptions and receiver-deflected interceptions into separate stats in the box score. We shouldn't have to wait for game charting for that one.

Maryland U. has solution for Shabbat-observant football fans

Aaron Schatz: Dolphins carries so far: 1, 3, 2, 0, -1, 1. The Miami offensive line is bad.


Halftime, and the New England blowout predicted by many and by a line has not come to fruition. One problem has been special teams, as Stephen Gostkowski has missed a field goal and an extra point. Another issue is the offensive line, with Marcus Cannon out at right tackle and then Isaiah Wynn leaving the game at left tackle, leaving Marshall Newhouse yuck , just picked up, as the left tackle with preseason trade pickup Korey Cunningham at right tackle. The run-blocking has still been strong, but the pass-blocking has had some issues.

Some hurried throws, although only one sack. Word before the game was that the Patriots wanted to heavily target Antonio Brown to build up his confidence in the offense. For the most part he's only playing in the three-receiver sets but yeah, they're feeding him; he's up to four catches and just snagged a yard touchdown up the seam to make the score Antonio Brown on former Pats practice squad cornerback Jomal Wiltz is a mismatch.

The Pats defense has been very strong today. As I noted earlier, Dolphins can get nothing on the ground except for a 9-yard gain on a third-and draw. Scott Spratt: Kalen Ballage ducks under a screen pass? If that doesn't summarize how the Dolphins' season is going, then the interception on the next play does.

Delanie Walker to fans who boycott NFL over protests: Bye

He would have been glad to lie down on the ground for her to walk on him. Derrik Klassen: : Between this week and last week vs. Jets with chest injury New England Patriots. Robot , an unreliable narrator, which means everything is destabilized. Even last year, as the Niners went 2 14, he had a yard game against New Orleansand threw for and ran for at Miami.. I can take my sign out here and show how we feel but the players can kneel and share how they feel, said Barr..

Aaron Schatz: A couple of clear miscommunications between Brady and Brown on the Patriots' first drive of the second half. They're clearly not fully in sync yet. Great play by Eric Rowe to slap away an underthrown pass to Brown and prevent a touchdown. Not that Ryan Fitpatrick didn't have receivers downfield, but they were all covered.

Redesigning for Old D.C.

Patriots coverage on defense has been excellent these first two weeks. Ryan Fitpatrick seals the game for the Patriots with two straight pick-sixes.

Delanie Walker to fans who boycott NFL over protests: Bye – ProFootballTalk

Roll Tide! Congrats to Bama for winning the BCS Championship! As a gesture of celebration for the Championship & Black History Month, Dr. Ray is. Don't miss this 3rd Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. football fans, Alabama football, SEC football, integration in college football, race, .

Second one was not his fault, bobbled by Kalen Ballage right into Jamie Collins' hands. Andrew Potter: In a team full of players who probably shouldn't be playing at this level, Kalen Ballage has stood out as exceptionally terrible today. Scott Spratt: Kirk Cousins scrambles for a first down and fumbles, but the Vikings recover. I believe the next play, he is strip-sacked and the Packers recover. Maybe the Packers defense really is good.

Needing a touchdown, down , Cousins throws into double-coverage into the end zone. Ruled an interception on the field; it's being reviewed, but I think it sticks. Bryan Knowles: After the Giants' yard touchdown drive to open the game, they have gained 1 offensive yard. Bold of them to use all their good offensive plays at one time. Since then, the Bills have scored twice, first on a Josh Allen sweep Yes!

Why Colin Kaepernick Didn’t Stand for the National Anthem

Much safer than the usual scrambles; use his athleticism on a safe, protected play like that! Dave Bernreuther: I'm going to be mostly quiet today but did feel that it was fair that I pop in here to say that through one half, I have nothing bad at all to say about Josh Allen. I am not sure what this says about Allen, the Giants, or Dak prescott just yet, but thus far, he has looked like an NFL quarterback, which is noteworthy given how much fun I have had with him. So of course, as I write this, we get a nice comedy-of-errors type play.

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