Lectures on characteristic classes

Floer Lectures 2017
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The Symplectic Category.

The fundamental relation in cobordism

Fourier Integral Operators. Geometric Quantization. Algebraic Quantization.

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Brylinski: Loop spaces, characteristic classes and geometric quantization. Progress in Mathematics vol. Birkhauser, Boston, Mass.

Lectures on characteristic classes and foliations

Weil, Sur les theoremes de de Rham, Comm. Introduction The Harmonic Oscillator.

Lectures on Morse homology. Lectures on modular correspondences.

The Chern Lectures

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Lectures on Gravitation. Lectures on differential geometry. Lectures on hyperbolic geometry.

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Recommend Documents. Yokura: Product formulas for the Milnor class. Skip to main content. Fulton, R. Algebra 72, 83—93 MacPherson: Euler characteristics and Lagrangian intersections. Cite chapter How to cite?

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