Equivocal Death

Equivocal Death
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deranaling.tk This process is part of the overall goal of litigation and trial support for the intended purpose of developing and supporting the legal strategy of the client. Death investigation is not limited to death, as the components of death investigation apply to personal injury and injury causation investigations. Understanding death investigation lends to a better understanding of these, adds marketing value to the private investigator and, more importantly, adds value to the services and benefits to the client.

Sheriff's Office Investigating Infant's Death

This is simply because fractions of an inch, or an alteration in an event, or series of events, may be the only difference between a serious bodily injury or death. Death investigation is not limited to homicide — a homicide investigator may not understand death investigation, and therefore personal injury investigation.

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The following cases may involve deaths, or personal injury — they all benefit from understanding death investigation:. Private investigators are trained and skilled in areas they specialize in — from surveillance to backgrounds, and missing persons to death penalty cases. Death investigation also has specialized training and skills, as well as specific areas of expertise.

Some areas of skills that are common in death, and personal injury, cases include:. As noted, private investigators hold skills and training, with death investigation requiring specific areas of expertise. Death investigation by nature requires the skills of multiple experts, particularly forensic experts.

These include:. Private investigators will not always work directly with specialists and experts. Pompili, Maurizio. Bryant and Dennis L. Peck, Clifton D.

Psychological autopsies for equivocal deaths.

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  1. An Equivocal Death and Staged Crime Scene!
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  3. Equivocal Death;

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Equivocal Death Investigations - Continuing Education for Private Investigators

An equivocal death is one that cannot be neatly categorized as specifically natural, accidental, suicidal, or homicidal. Every death, independent of its cause, is classified by the coroner as one CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

Equivocal Death

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Doreen Hess and her family through their counsel, Mr. We provide our consultations services nationwide, and if needed with the assistance of colleagues in every state and major city. More importantly,. In fact, I had opined that I had never seen this many self-inflicted stab wounds in a suicide without the presence of hesitation wounds in the absence of drugs, alcohol or psychosis. SAGE Knowledge. If the disease process is caused by a non-natural event ex: pneumonia due to long-term bed confinement as a result of a motor vehicle accident the manner of death will not be considered natural, it will be Accident due to a remote motor vehicle accident. Lukash's report.

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